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After more than ten years of work in sales and marketing at large corporations and her own consulting firm, she made a life change to work in the nonprofit sector. In working with nonprofits across the Valley, Amy has learned not only about the issues facing our communities but about the long-term changes that are possible through coalitions that work together toward common solutions. In working with stakeholders from nonprofit, for profit, government and the faith community, Amy has seen the power of collective impact to positively change individual lives and the community.

Now, Amy wants to apply her experience and skills through public service at the Arizona Legislature. She looks forward to meeting with the residents of LD20 to hear what is most important to them. 

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/AmyForArizona - Today begins the National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week. Pick one thing to do and engage in your local community to help an individual or family.

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National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week begins Today! Nov. 15th - 23rd! Please join us in spreading awareness this week by updating your profile picture with you holding our "Will Work" sign from the conference, or downloading the photo below. Photos from this year's conference are still available for download in the conference app or available here:
/AmyForArizona - Proud to support postal workers at their rally to Stop Mail Delays. Visit and 'like' Stop Delaying America’s Mail